In a recent conversation with a friend, she narrated the following story: in order to catch crabs, you put the cage, with bait, down into the ocean. The top of the cage is open, and the crabs eventually fill up the cage. The top always remains open, but if one crab tries to crawl up to escape, the other crabs will pull him back down into the cage so that they will all share the same fate.

I have never heard this story, although I guess it is a popular one. How often are we the single crab trying to escape, to make our lives better, to survive, only to get pulled back down into the cage?

Many times, we may find that it is certainly more comfortable, both for ourselves and other, to stay securely in the cage, where it’s familiar, where our friends are, where there’s food for us to eat. Crawling out of the cage requires courage, strength, and the ability to fight off others who we thought were our friends.

Our friends may convince us that everything we need is in the cage. I mean, it’s where they are, right? We can all be miserable together.

Here’s the interesting thing about success. We can be successful, but not too successful. We can be smart, but not too smart. We need to stay in the same sort of “range” as those around us, otherwise we become an outcast within our group.

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